Billet Doux

BILLET-DOUX 6 - 15 May 2016

Murray Arts knows that good things come in small packages – and we have uncovered just under 60 small treasures as part of BILLET-DOUX – an exhibition of postcard sized artworks from around the region.

Billet-Doux features the works of 24 different artists – all exactly the same size! We’ve kept it short & sweet!

BILLET-DOUX │ postcard exhibition – will be on show at Creators Artspace from 6 MAY 2016 – 15 MAY 2016.

Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm Friday 6 May 2016 

What’s it all about? It’s the regions first Postcard Exhibition, open to everyone, from the established artist and the hobbyist, to the emerging artist or child prodigy at home. 

Why host a Postcard Exhibition? To showcase our regions artists in an exhibition with a twist…we’re keen to uncover the tiny artistic treasures being created around the Murray region.

5 artworks will be selected and awarded $200, with permission to be reproduced on postcards by Murray Arts to promote the rich diversity of arts and culture in our region.


For media enquiries please contact Murray Arts P: 02) 6021 5034 or E:


Billet-Doux is an initiative of Murray Arts with support from Charles Sturt University through the University Parnerships Program