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Marta Lett – Calligrapher, Designer, Tutor

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Powerful Owl, Drawn owl with calligraphy in a contemporary style, from a large body of work from a collaborative project called 'Night's Watch Parliament'.
Marta Lett – Calligrapher, Designer, Tutor


I am an artist, designer and tutor working in hand crafted lettering design, Celtic art, drawing, painting and mixed media works on paper, canvas and glassware. I am also experimenting with printmaking, pyrography, engraving & decorating gourds.
I have 30+ years of creating commission pieces for individuals, groups and councils.
I work solo, in collaborations and with groups of other artists in both similar and different genres of art.
I teach online art students in my weekly classes, with 30+ years of sharing my skills, knowledge and creative approach.
I welcome new and different commissions with excitement at every new challenge.