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Breaking New Ground Learning

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Breaking New Ground Learning
Breaking New Ground Learning


BNG Learning is a collaborative organisation that cultivates community and social cohesion through broad creative arts projects, educational opportunities, ethical partnerships and events.

Community + Connection + Education + Arts

Arts driven workshops, programs and experiences.

Connection and wellbeing through creative arts projects and events.

Creative mentoring, partnerships and inspiration.

Breaking New Ground (BNG) can lead you or your organisation to identify and reflect on situations related to learning, mentoring, community engagement and arts based practice. Research and evaluation are an integral part of the BNG philosophy. We engage people by providing bespoke, sustainable and creative professional learning, from early years through to adult, large corporates as well as small enterprises. BNG works alongside educators, schools and community groups to match experts with specific requirements.

By engaging in the creative process, people develop an enduring love of learning. As individuals and groups discover their ability for creative thinking and problem-posing and solving, they can blossom, become self-motivated, gain knowledge, confidence and stretch themselves.

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