My Oligog

24 April - 25 June

'My Oligog' (Oligodendroglioma) is a body of work created by Wiradjuri artist Leonie McIntosh in response to her journey with brain cancer. The physical works present the rehabilitative process of Leonie re-discovering her dexterity through moulding, weaving and painting post-chemotherapy.


Intrinsically the masks symbolise the confrontation between cancer and art, they ask the viewer to question the impact of instantaneous and uncontrollable circumstances on our identity.


Leonie McIntosh is a contemporary Aboriginal artist based in the Border region with a creative practice which is founded upon traditional stories handed down from her Grandmother and Elders of the Community. Her most notable work is a large-scale public artwork entitled ‘Wiradjuri Woman’ commissioned as part of the Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk. Sculpted out of an old Iron Bark tree stump, 'Wiradjuri Woman' was burnt onto the Possum Skin Cloak for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in 2006.