kangwano | State/time of being young

12 November - 17 December

"kangwano" is a celebration of the creative practices of Indigenous art students across several schools in our region.

For many of the students involved it will be their first time exhibiting their work in a public gallery space and an opportunity for them to view and applaud their work outside the classroom.

This exhibition is part of our commitment to provide great opportunities for local Aboriginal youth to be supported – and a sense of belonging to our region. It also assists in creating the necessary pathways for the sharing of ideas, stories, knowledge and culture amongst all within our local Aboriginal community.


kangwano translates to "young: a state or time of being young" in Dhudhuroa.


Exhibition Opening:

WHERE burraja gallery, 44-46 Lincoln Causeway, Gateway Village, Wodonga VIC

WHEN 5:30pm, Thursday 15 November


Refreshments available


kangwano FBcover