Rob (Bobby) Scott has worked behind the scenes at HotHouse Theatre for nearly 20 years, a permanent fixture in the Butter Factory Theatre's sound and lighting box! Rob has overseen the technical development of the Butter Factory Theatre, the creation of the Technical Theatre Traineeship program, was Operations Manager until 2015 and designed many memorable productions, including HotHouse Theatre's latest Studio Ensemble performance about two cities joined 'At The Hip'.  Read more


Anyone thinking of having a long and successful career in the arts must firstly choose poverty. Being poor financially I mean, because chances are you will never make enough money to indulge in many of life's big luxuries. If you are a truly committed artist, however, you will enjoy many great moments of creativity and have many highly satisfying experiences and develop many deep friendships.

I never set out to be poor, but by pursuing things I am passionate about over job security, I found I was spending pretty much all the money I made feeding new ideas and assembling the tools to achieve them. In this way I became a film maker (back in the day when films were made on celluloid), I helped build a music recording studio and made documentary films and music videos, film clips they were called then. I was looking for ways to express ideas to help enrich people's lives when I discovered the inspirational Flying Fruit Fly Circus and moved to Albury Wodonga to make a film with them.  During that time I also started working with the folk at Murray River Performing Group, and helped out making sets and props, setting up and eventually running shows. Through this I learnt technical skills and design for the theatre and fell in love with the art of producing live performance, a new show every night.

Over the past 20 years at HotHouse I have met and befriended many fine artists and technical people and worked on some really great projects. I've had a creative role on some shows and just support roles on others. I still get nervous pre-show and am on a real high once the show is up and running smoothly. I've become very used to managing with low or no budgets, and working long hours for little financial reward, but despite this I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of bringing entertainment and enlightenment to audiences.

HotHouse Theatre emerged from the ashes of a poorly funded MRPG and grew and survives to this day on the back of the dedication and hard work of many good people who have, like me, chosen the rewards of a life of poverty in the theatre.

I have definitely not "retired". Amongst other things I have a role as creative consultant with my son Jesse's company Casus, and working in Uki (northern NSW) as Designer and Project Manager on the building of a new house for my daughter Alonna. I will be staying in contact with HotHouse, helping out with the technical training program and doing set and lighting design for 'At The Hip' opening on 3rd November 2016.  Rob Scott

Discover the ground-breaking, audio headphone verbatim technique with the Studio Ensemble actors, as they channel the real-life voices of Albury-Wodonga residents: born and bred, and newly arrived. Created by the ensemble members with award winning playwright Roslyn Oades, directed by Lyn Wallis and set and lighting designer Rob Scott, 'At The Hip', opens on Thursday 3 November and runs until 19 November 2016.

In a fitting tribute to Rob Scott's (partial) retirement, the bar at HotHouse Theatre has affectionately been rebranded to 'Bobby's Bar'. Cheers Rob Scott!

Something a little different this month, here is a brief snapshot of some of Rob Scott's memorable moments at HotHouse Theatre over the years...


Three big characters of HotHouse Theatre - Rob Scott, Bernadette Haldane & Charlie Parkinson with Phar Lap 2005


Rob with tech team Biting Dog Theatre Festival 2002



Rob and technical trainee Jacqui Bell with a model for a Mid Summer Night’s dream 2001


Rob with trainees Jarrod, Sarah, Adam, Emma & Jason