How did you find yourselves living and working in the Murray region?

Zoe Pinard: The arrival of children brought about a yearning to return to my childhood community of Yackandandah, in North East Victoria. After performing and training in circus arts for the past 26 years, to give something back to the community and pass on our skills, felt like the next natural step. So we opened a circus school which operates out of the Yackandandah Public Hall.

What have been some of your career highlights?

After much work creating our double trapeze act, we received a medal in the prestigious Festival mondial du cirque de demain. A big highlight was performing in Paris with the gypsy 'Cirque Romanes' and the poetic 'Cirque du Grande Celeste'. Discovering the world of Cabaret in Germany and Austria, and of course, meeting many amazing and talented people all over the world. 

What are your top 3 tips for someone thinking of a career in the arts?

Build your art on something which is true and passionate for who you are. As you change, this may change, so go with it!
Take advice from people who inspire you, but remain true to your own journey.
Always remain humble.

What are you working on anything at the moment?...any dream projects in the pipeline?

We have been running our circus school in Yackandandah for the last 2 years. We're always working on ways to improve and grow the quality of our circus program. A lot of this is dependent on dollars, recently the Yackandandah Public hall committee funded the purchase of some much needed acrobatic equipment, a big thank-you to those guys!
The Yackandandah Folk festival is coming up on the 18th of March, our circus school will be leading the parade which opens this amazing event. We are busy creating a float and costumes for this!

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Zoe Pinard | Xavier Pinard