Tyler Grace is photographer from Albury NSW.

Driven by an intrinsic desire to create and share his perspective, the methodology of conceptual photography is Tyler’s vehicle for storytelling. Staged scenes conceptually represent the intricate inner spaces, and often unbearably painful worlds, experienced by those with chronic illnesses. His powerful images journey through mind-scapes and place simultaneous and speak to intimate mind/body connection.

Suffering from chronic illness himself, he is driven by the need to connect and to make work that resonates beyond his own world. Tyler will often push his own limitations, physically and creatively to challenge himself to produce work with stunning emotional impact.

His photographs have a hauntingly dark beauty, and are often very uncomfortable to view. However, in each image theres a empty space, a breath, a void. And in that void, I see hope.


All photos by Tyler Grace



From Top left: You Are My Oxygen, The Lonely Road, Ashes To Ashes - from The Chronic Diaries, Identity Crisis - From The Duplicity Series.



Feature Artist

Tyler Grace

August 2018

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