Tim Podesta is an internationally acclaimed dancer/choreographer based in Wodonga. He is a graduate of the Australian Ballet School and has performed globally in works by leading choreographers and directors. As an independent choreographer, Tim has worked with an array of classical and contemporary companies around the world.

Today, his dance school RAPA stands as a leading national training institute, PROJECTION Dance as an elite vocational training school, and his mantle stands laden, heavy with awards and accolades for his work internationally.

On May 26, Wodonga Cube will host the premiere of FORTE. 

Curated to fulfil an insatiable curiosity about movement and its expressive potential, FORTE is a stunning modern dance event that stars dancers from across the world who are at the top of their game 

"My focus is, and has always been, to build and develop dance in Australia. I want to change the industry in this country and open up this wonderful art form in every way I can. 

It is my feeling that regional audiences are not given the standard of work that we deserve. It's important to me that Wodonga and regional Australia have access to these dancers and artists also! "

As a kid growing up in the border region, what brought you to Dance?
My parents were regularly told in parent - teacher interviews that I loved being the centre of attention and even though I didn’t really understand the steps I had to take to get there, I think I knew I wanted to be a performer in some capacity. I began drama classes in Albury and really loved it and it was when my younger sisters ballet school was looking for boys for the end of year concert that I began to dance. Very quickly I was pulled in to the world of ballet.

I think I loved it so much because it gave me an opportunity to act and be physical and I loved music. 

My very first teacher in Wodonga was Julie Glinski she inspired me and made me believe I could be a ballet dancer and I owe her so much for this fabulous gift, I don’t know what I would be doing if not for her encouragement. 

Tell me about developing your dance schools?
I graduated from The Australian Ballet School and enjoyed a successful career internationally as a soloist before retiring from ballet due to injury. 

Very early on in my own training I knew I wanted to come back to Wodonga and build a school and develop a training methodology that could achieve great results and get student dancers in to international schools to complete their training or straight in to employment. 

Regional Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) came first and has had a lot of success in winning big competitions, to placing dancers in international schools and companies.

During the tricky transition from being a dancer to a choreographer,  I felt like I needed to expand on my knowledge and skill base so I studied personal training, human movement and myotherapy and worked in an array of sporting pursuits to best understand how the body works. 

Due to the interest in our training program from dancers interstate and internationally, in 2006 I founded PROJECTion Dance Company which is now our vocational training focused program. 

What dance companies do you connect with? 
I Have been very lucky to work with many amazing dancers across the world including my creative partner and star dancer from the Royal Ballet Company Mara Galeazzi.  My work has been performed in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, USA, Middle East, UK and Europe on stage and in film. 

Recent Awards?
In 2017 I created a work titled Shadow Aspect for Ballet Cymru in Wales. Shadow Aspect was a huge success in Wales and at Sadler’s Wells in London and went on to win ‘Best Dance Production’ at the Wales Theatre Awards.  



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