Local Flavour

What inspires you most about about living and practicing as an artist in the Murray region?
As a local Indigenous artist, my inspirations are my two beautiful daughters who are both incredibly talented in the arts. I'm hoping one day they will follow in my footsteps. I'm also inspired by working with and teaching kids Indigenous art in schools, they have so much potential and amazing natural talent. My parents Margaret and Phillip Murray inspire me to push my career as an Aboriginal Artist further. The journeys I've been on, meeting and working with different artists who work in various mediums, is incredible. It really inspires me more and more to venture off and try new opportunities in life.

What themes do you like to explore in your art?
I love to explore. I absolutely love everything within the arts. When I'm working on my art pieces I paint about my story, where I come from and where I'm living now. I paint about women and children because they have a strong connection and I love the river, without it we will not survive. I use circle work in my pieces simply because it makes me feel whole.

The Art Life

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment, I'm working at Albury High on a five week artist in residency project. At the end of the project there will be an exhibition held at the Albury LibraryMuseum. I'm also working on two pieces for the Regional NAIDOC awards, based around this year's NAIDOC theme of 'songlines'. A major work of mine has recently been accepted by Canvas - MAMA's Café with a design for their café wall.

What are your 3 top tips for someone thinking of a career in the arts?
My three top tips for someone who wants to pursue the dream of being an artist...
Follow your dreams and don't be afraid to try new things in the arts.
Have confidence in yourself and never give up.
Stay positive in yourself and be true with your works.

What is your dream project?
My dream project as an Aboriginal Artist would be to one day open up an Indigenous Culture Arts Centre, where Indigenous kids get a great opportunity to learn more about their Indigenous backgrounds and their culture through the Arts.