On a recent road trip to Pfieffer Winery, we discovered Simon Pankhurst's amazing hand-forged sculptures as part of Pfeiffer Wines' showcase of a local regional artist. Simon has recently moved to the North East and Murray Arts seized a wonderful window of opportunity to ask Simon some key questions!  Image: Simon Pankhurst at Pfeiffers Winery 2017

Vegemite or honey? We're happy little vegemites, as bright as bright can be!

Sunset or sunrise?
Early to rise, there's never enough hours in the day...

Melbourne or Sydney?
I love that great sun kissed rural regional remote country of ours, that spreads forever between the two...

What inspired you to move to the North East region? Red gums and brown rivers. Hills, valleys and little streams...this region has such a diversity of peaceful landscapes you can hang out in. I've always preferred country living and regional centres to the metropolitan rush. Then from a practical point of veiw the North East is so centrally located to all that activity, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra but then you can simply hop in the ute and make it back home again once you've done you're bit. ;)

The Working Life

What are your top 3 tips for someone dreaming of a career in the arts? Patience, it takes time to develop the skills techniques and experience to sell your work regularly enough to call it a job, but preserverence gets there. Make the most of any opportunity, especially small scale and local scale. Design objects/pieces that enable you to 'sell' your practise, especially in the beginning, it gives confidence and of course the funds to keep going. Be inspired by other peoples' work not so much for the ideas in them but by the notion if they built that cool thing it means its possible for me to build all the cool things I have in my mind.

Feast or famine. It will always be feast or famine! That's the way we learn to like it. And Whenever it's going good, invest in your workshop/studio, buy tools materials etc. It can take time to get all the kit sorted out to be able to do things the way you really want, so patience again, but invest in yourself whenever you can.

And busy, in many ways a 'career' in the arts is kind of about always being busy. There's so many opportunities out there to show your work, and it only takes one person to see it who will make a difference. There's all the stuff you"ve got to do, the stuff you could be doing the stuff you'd like to do as well as other ideas and stuff you're interested in and, and...