Local Flavour

What do you love about living and working here?

It's quite simply one of the most beautiful areas I've been to and I'm lucky enough to have grown up here. There's a certain charm about the area that I haven't felt in other places and the area seems to nurture creativity and attract like-minded people.

How did you come to be an artist practicing in the Murray area?

I was born in Melbourne and my family moved to Yackandandah when I was 2. We moved away for 4 years, but when we came back there was no real thought of going anywhere else. I went to school in the area and was never really interested in sport, video games or anything other kids did all the time. I was given a guitar when I was 12 and that was kind of it for me. Left school at the end of year 11 and never looked back. It's been music for me ever since.

A Murray Experience

What inspires you most about the region?

I think there are 2 aspects for me. First is the landscape, beautiful rolling hills, rivers and creeks, native forests and the majestic, old English trees in towns like Yack and surrounding areas.
The other is the people. There are so many creative people around. Whether it's music, hand crafts, painting, drawing or even produce. People in the area have a passion for what they do and for sharing it with everyone around them. It's really inspiring.

Does our region find itself into your music? How?

Very much so. It mightn't always be lyrically, though I'd say about 80% of my material is inspired by where I live. I'm fortunate enough to get to spend a fair bit of time at home between shows and travelling to all sorts of places every weekend.
Getting all 4 seasons is a great thing I feel. You see the landscape wide awake and fast asleep so to speak. The Autumn colours and the vibrancy of Spring are my favourite times of year.

The Art Life

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on some new material at the moment to put towards a new album.
It's an interesting, exciting and sometimes frustrating experience. Sometimes I'll work on a song for a week or more and really have to push to get it out then others will decide they want to be written in about 15 minutes while you're waiting for the washing machine to finish. For me, there's no real formula, it's just a lot of mucking around on the guitar and trying to get something nutted out.

What themes do you explore in your music?

Social, emotional, environmental in the sense of being inspired by the environment and political when I get incredibly frustrated with politicians who seem to have a talent for stupidity.
Sometimes I'm not even pursuing a theme, the words just come and I find out what the song's about after it's finished.

What is your dream project?

No idea. I guess there are so many angles to explore music from and at the moment there's no real 'dream project' as such, just plans for more tours around Australia and overseas playing music and seeing new places.