Phil Murray Yorta Yorta
Phil Murray is a proud Aboriginal man born in Mooroopna, Victoria.
His family moved to Balranald, where they lived in a tent by the Murrumbidgee. Phil attended the Balranald Central School until the age of 15 at which time he left school to start working.
Now living and working in Albury, Phil is very much a part of the Albury Community.
Phil makes Aboriginal artefacts from locally sourced red gum, mulga and mallee woods, travelling as far as western and mid-NSW.

A Murray Experience...

- The Murray Region is a great place to be, right on the Murray River where I can source gum trees to create most of my artefacts. I like using red gum and seeing the colours come out along the grain, the features in the wood and the smell of the wood when you strip it down. I like mallee woods, box and gumtrees in general but the red gum stands out more than the rest. This is a lovely area to be creative in, the people and the support, especially from Murray Arts.

The Working Life...
What are you working on at the moment?

- I'm making red gum shields, coolamons and clap sticks. I like creating didges (didgeridoo) but I working on baby clap sticks and coolamons at the moment. I started off making didges, because my relatives were working on them and I thought – I should be able to make I started working with didges and boomerangs, always being inspired by the colours and grains of the different timbers.

What is your dream project?

-          To find the right didge – around the Mallee and travel up to the Mildura region to find the right features for a didge with limbs. I’ll know when I find it...I’m always searching for something a bit unique, something different.