Peter Rowe is a proud Lia Pootah man (Tasmania) who has worked in the local area since 1978 serving one term on Albury City Council. Peter is an Army Reserve lawyer in Wodonga and former media studies teacher at Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
Peter’s art practice takes him deep into the natural bush, river and rock areas and significant cultural sites of our border region. Combining photography and painting to explore themes of conservation and his connection to the land, Peter's work speaks to his belief that we "owe a sacred duty to protect and care for the land, air, and water."

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise for the fresh new day, sunset for my photography for the light

As a local artist, what inspires you most about living and working in this region?
Love the rivers, rocks, art, and bush near Beechworth and the snow.

What are your tips for someone dreaming of a career in the arts?
Be realistic. Finding the balance between artistic pursuits and making money is a big challenge. If you can combine the two, you are lucky. 
Work out your costings in order to properly structure your business, then utiliseyour passion to make it happen.

What would be your dream project?
Travelling around Australia (especially Tasmania, outback and local region) living in my caravan whilst doing my artworks and selling and marketing online.

Image credit: Peter Rowe