PROJECT BRIEF: Sloane's froglet Kerr Road & Thurgoona Stencil Art Project

AlburyCity and the Office of Environment and Heritage are working in partnership to secure a viable population of the Sloane's froglet in Thurgoona. Ensuring enough breeding habitat is critical to the persistence of the Sloane's froglet. Community awareness of the existence and value of the frog is important to maintaining good habitat. This local Thurgoona froglet is currently listed as a vulnerable species in NSW and these ongoing projects are designed to draw attention to the habitat in and around Thurgoona and to grow a sense of community understanding, appreciation and pride about this small yet significant species. For more information about Sloane's froglet visit: NSW Office of Environment & Heritage 

Kerr Road in Thurgoona has had significant funds invested by AlburyCity into the upgrading of the road, including a path that will eventually span the length of the road. Cycle and pedestrian traffic along this path is expected to continue to increase into the future. Kerr Road also intersects with an area where a population of Sloane's froglet is located.

The froglet's breeding season is during winter when they are actively calling and are most noticeable in the landscape. This project takes advantage of this timing to utilise increased rainfall to draw attention to the froglet along paths and community areas.

The concept is to create Sloane's froglet stencil artworks with water proof paint that is almost invisible when dry, and reveals itself when wet.


To work with at least two different groups (AlburyCitypreference is for at least one school group) of Thurgoona based residents to develop images of the Sloane's froglet that can be transformed into stencils for use on surfaces around Thurgoona including along the pathway that follows Kerr Road.

The stencil artwork must be reflective of a Sloane's froglet and the messages of conservation and celebration that are the values behind this project.

The project will culminate in Winter 2018 with at least one field trip to an area that hosts a population of Sloane's froglets and a discovery of the invisible stencils and live frogs.

We would hope to have the stencils applied to at least 5 different locations. This can be many individual stencils or duplicates.

• Stencil artwork can only be applied to locations that have been given approval by the property owner.
• Any large, solid areas of the water proof paint may create a slip hazard when wet and this must be a consideration of any design.

$2000. This is the artist fee only. Submissions may be by single artists or collaborating artists. Materials for stencil making and the water proof paint will be supplied.

EOI circulated Released December 2017
Closing date Monday 12 February – 12 noon
Artist selected Notified week of 19th February 2018
Artist to work with community groups March/April 2018
Application of stencils April/May 2018
Community field trip and celebration Winter 2018

This will be collaboration between the selected artist and staff from AlburyCity and the Office of Environment and Heritage. We want to strive for every artwork to be installed and celebrated while balancing this with applying works that have an effective visual impact.

$1 000 on signing of artist contract.
$1 000 on application of the stencils

Please provide
• a short outline of your interest in this project and what you believe you can offer
• a short C.V. that outlines your experience in working with community groups and translating their artwork into something that can be shared publicly
• images of previous projects that you believe will support your EOI

To: Attn: Narelle Vogel, Cultural Development Coordinator
Hard copy: AlburyCity, 553 Kiewa St, Albury
Digital: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If providing digital images please ensure the images are in a format that is accessible. If we are unable to access your images this may have an impact on the competitiveness of your application.


Call or email the project coordinator: Narelle Vogel. P: 02 6023 8753 e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or contact us at Murray Arts on P: (02) 6021 5034 e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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