Local flavour...

Melanie Ruth has achieved more as a practicing artist in the Murray region than anywhere else before, enjoying the success of living in a culturally rich and artistically diverse community. "I have literally taken a nose dive into local community arts, hence the images, people and culture of this region runs through every project that I do. I have achieved more in this region than anywhere else that I have lived." 

A Murray Experience...

Melanie Ruth was involved in a Community Arts Project called 'Cool Relief, that reached out to refugees with English as a second language, encouraging them to learn and understand more about local waterways.  Students worked with four local artists, which  included Melanie, in the Project.  The outcome was to assist creatively in the porduction of a series of individual booklets exploring collage and simple, creative art techniques. "I love working with multicultural groups and I feel the project was a wonderful way to help recent arrivals to Australia intergrate into their new surroundings and inform them about nature."

Cool Relief was quspiced by Murray Arts and funded by the City of Wodonga through the arts and cultural contribution program.

The Working Life...
What are you working on at the moment? What is your dream project?

I like to bring out people’s creativity, to inspire and motivate them. To act as a sort of creative catalyst in helping communities explore creative opportunities to make connections with different themes that inspire and motivate people.  

Melanie Ruth is currently working on creating scarecrows for Sustainability Week and presenting them to Costa Georgiadis, of ABC Gardening Australia fame.

Cool Relief Image credit: John Russell The Border Mail