Vegemite or honey? HONEY...OMG HONEY...reminds me of my childhood in the UK where my grandmother lived in a chocolate box cottage and kept Bee's...
Sunset or sunrise? Sunsets are me all over ...a time be still a time to reflect all that is wonderful in my I love the colours....
Melbourne or Sydney? Melbourne for me I love the laneways, the nuance of colours and textures...a new experience around every corner...a Pandora's box of inspiration and creative delights

Kat & Fox is the dream of founder Kat Rattray, an interior designer and design educator. After many years of lovingly reading to her own children, Katharine is now combining her skill in illustration with a passion for children's literature and interior decoration. Murray Arts remembers Katharine Rattray's vision for running her own creative industries business, way back at our very first Bright Sparks symposium, now there's a #throwbackthursday for you!

What inspires you most about working in the creative industries? The amazing diversity of personalities , experiences to be had...every day poses a new challenge...Its a constant learning journey creating new positives in our world...acknowledging reactions and gaging trends...adding colour, providing inspiration to others.....I am also accepted as load, and crazy as I am I can be me.

Global Experience
How do you manage your creative business in the wake of our global community? Social media? I find is quite amazing that I can sit at my dining room table in Wodonga rural Victoria and through the magic of Instagram, facebook and pinterets and am communicating and showcasing my work all around the world. When I started Kat & Fox in August 2015 I was useless with social I realize that it is an integral part of building a successful online presence. Through social media I have started to write...being a bad speller this is a newbie...I communicate with my customers through words...telling humorous stories of motherhood entrepreneurial struggles. My designs are made overseas and currently we are looking for a distributor oversea. I have had to fast track my understanding of international trade laws along with legalities...its I stated before..I'm one little creative who works from her dining room table against the world.

The Working Life
What are your top 3 tips for someone thinking of a career in the arts?

(1) Take the leap at start somewhere...pick a course that interest you...don't stress if it is right or wrong as a creative career is a constantly evolving layering process.
(2) NETWORK, NETWORK ,NETWORK...turn up to events..send emails...self promote all the time..join closed facebook groups in fields you are interested in.....
(3) Volunteer experience...get out in the community and have a go as you will never know what you are good at until you try... That is how I started.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently KAT & FOX have just won an awards The Gift and lifestyle GALA award for the Interior category 2017..which was a huge and the back of that I have been working on our online shop, collaborations with other design brands, and obtaining new stockists throughout Australia...fingers crossed very soon I can seal myself away from kids, dog, husband..anything with eyes (I still like potatoes) and work on creating my second children's book and home wares range. I picture a cottage in the middle of no where and wine!!!

What would be your dream project?
At this moment in time it would be to be approached by a major department store in the UK like Liberties and create a whole collection for them. But the big in me see's a whole chain of Kat & Fox concept stores...all about creating positive childhood memories through products, play and imagination. I can add to this another dream project would be to collaborate with some awesome Australian designers in creating something huge and impactful...I love collaborating. my brain is so busy.....and never stops seeing possibilities.