Conservation, sustainability and Australia's unique flora and fauna is a powerful motivator for artist and sculptor Joanne Diver. Joanne creatively looks at the ways in which we can improve our urban spaces, so that the community and environment can reap the mutual benefits of a more sustainable future.

With the assistance of Inspiring Australia NSW, we've commissioned Joanne Diver to offer a series of workshops on how to make a Pollinator Inn, which can be installed in your garden to give nature a little helping hand. Read more about Go Wild in the Garden HERE

Local Flavour What inspires you most about about living and practicing as an artist in the Murray region?

I love learning and enjoy all aspects of the design and creative process.

As an artist in the Murray region we have access to some fabulous opportunities and a broad cultural and artistic arts community – as such, this not only provides many opportunities to exhibit, learn, attend workshops, lectures and exhibitions, but also to be inspired and work with some imaginative artists and highly motivated arts organisations.

What themes do you like to explore in your art?

Conservation, sustainability and Australia's unique flora and fauna.

My curiosity is piqued by a struggle for survival, a unique adaptation or discovery in the natural world. I am inspired to further research the subject, then explore ways in which the object can accurately convey a message - to create a sculpture that acts as a home for native bees, or objects in metal, clay, wood or found objects that represent either a form in nature or an issue to be highlighted within our environment.

The work I'm producing reflects my growing interest in the balance and sensitivity of line, especially the fluid line. I feel a quiet energy with dry and wet media mark-making, this expresses an honest connection through me, onto the surface of the work.

The Art Life What are you working on at the moment?

Go Wild in the Garden – aptly named for this time of the year, aims to bring science and art together to understand more about our wild pollinators and the vital part they play in our garden and bush environment. We'll be inviting anyone to come along to a workshop and make a home for native bees from recycled and found timber, that will not only provide a nesting habitat, but also be a sculptural piece in the garden where you can stop and consider the biodiversity to be found within our local environment.

What are your 3 top tips for someone thinking of a career in the arts?

I don’t believe I have a career in the arts, it is a creative adjunct to my part-time work and time spent raising a family.

What is your dream project?

I’d love to work collaboratively with other disciplines to look at ways in which we can creatively improve urban spaces so that the community and environment can reap the mutual benefits from our green, wild and open spaces. We are only limited by our imagination.

Image credits: Joanne Diver, Decorative and Natural bits & bobs for Pollinator Inn.