Murray Arts is currently working with Halve Waste, Albury City Council, City of Wodonga, Greater Hume, Corowa, Towong and Indigo Shires to cretively illustrate how landfill can find a new purpose in the guise of an artwork to Murray Halve the Waste and Double the Cretivity.

Jo Bartels, Murray Arts Project Officer, has been working with Michael Laubli to create an amazing sculptural piece, which has found a new home in front of the recently opened Henty Library for the Greater Hume Shire's Halve Waste Project.   On the back of the Owl are little shelves to hold books and in his tummy will be the book of the week.

The heart of this project is demonstrating how we can reduce landfill by becoming more creative. We want to inspire our communities to become more imaginative and resourceful. We are challenging artists to create a functional items out of discarded goods and objects at their local waste transfer station, commonly known as the 'tip'. Each artist is creating something different, from signs to shelves to a native bee house. AlburyCity are partnering with Country Hope to create a playspace at the Country Hope residence in Albury.

Stay tuned as we launch all the outcomes of this great project over the next few months.