Gregory Gibbs grew up in Shepparton and can recall being captivated by the night sky around the age of seven, when he was taken to the outskirts of town to see Halley's Comet. Gregory Gibbs has been fascinated with the night sky ever since, and began photographing it seriously in 2010. Currently residing near Holbrook, Gibbs enjoys observing and taking pictures of objects in space like planets, star forming nebula regions, distant galaxies and even the Sun, but his passion is astrophotography and he is well-known for field of landscape astrophotography.

An exhibition From the Earth to the Cosmos featuring Gregory Gibbs and photographs by the Astronomical Society of Wodonga will be on display at the Albury LibraryMuseum, from the 6 July. Official opening : TBA

Gibbs uses nothing more than a standard tripod and camera to capture wide field images of the night sky in relation to the landscape. He has travelled extensively throughout the region to seek out new and interesting locations, well away from the effects of bright city lights, which enables Gibbs to capture the full beauty of a star filled sky. Waiting out bad weather or for a bright full moon to shoot a location can be really frustrating and very cold night temperatures are normal working conditions. But when the weather does cooperate and Gibbs' patience pays off, he gets the photographs planned for. Gibbs hopes that through his hobby of capturing the beauty of the night sky he can inspire people to get away from artificial lights and simply look up. Halley's Comet will return to our skies in 2061. Keep an eye out for the 82 year old man standing next to a camera on a tripod with a huge smile on his face.

- For more information about Gregory Gibbs or to purchase prints of his work please contact him via his website:
- Nyctophilia: a love or preference for the night, darkness
- Awarded the Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD) on the 25 February 2013
- Gregory Gibbs images have featured on numerous websites including Universe Today and
- Winner of the Ice-In-Space 2013 Calender competition
- Active member of the Astronomical Society of Albury Wodonga.

If anyone is interested in the night sky or wants to learn more about how to photograph it, come along to a meeting. The society meets the first Wednesday of each month, 7pm at Charles Sturt University's Thurgoona Campus. The meeting is held in room 114 Learning and Teaching Hub, AKA building 754 with access from Car Park 2.