Discover what's going on at a grass roots level in flourishing community gardens, explore the importance of pollinator insects and their vital link to food security, identify wild pollinators and encourage them in your own garden and neighbourhood.

European honey bees are often incorrectly assumed to be the only insects that pollinate. However, there are many species of native bees, flies, moths, butterflies and beetles that are also important pollinators. With the assistance of Inspiring Australia NSW we’ve commissioned internationally renowned, local sculptor Joanne Diver, to offer a series of workshops on how to make a Pollinator Inn, that can be installed in your garden to give nature a little helping hand.

In each of our Local Government Areas, City of Wodonga, AlburyCity, Towong, Indigo Shire, Greater Hume and Federation, Go Wild in the Garden will start with a ' walk& talk' session to introduce and have a go at pollinator spotting, counting and identification practices with additional emphasis on scientific approaches to sampling and collecting specimens.

Participants will then work with sculptor Joanne Diver to create a Pollinator Inn that can be taken home and installed in participants garden. Throughout the workshop, Joanne will use recycled materials and structures that will encourage native bees and other insect pollinators to go wild in your garden.

'Go Wild in the Garden'is perfect for families and individuals, it offers a hands on approach to learning about the fragility of our environment in a fun and informative way.

"This is a great opportunity to learn about the vital role pollinator insects play in your garden. Participants will get the chance to create a Pollinator Inn with a world renowned sculptor. It's a project the whole family can get involved in." Karen Gardner – Murray Arts General Manager

The Wild Pollinator Count first began in Albury to raise awareness about pollinator insects. The project encourages volunteers to contribute observations to help build a database on wild pollinator activity and is held across Australia twice a year. The Wild Pollinator Count is broadly-appealing beacuse:

1. you don't need to be an insect expert
2. you don't need any fancy gear and 
3. you may be surprised by what you see!

Go Wild in the Garden will culminate with the November 2016 Wild Pollinator Count.

Albury workshop Thursday 6 October 1-3pm Albury Botanic Gardens and Sustainable Activity Centre (SAC)

Wodonga workshop Thursday 13 October 1-3pm Birralee Park neighbourhood House

GHS workshop Thursday 20 October 1-3pm Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre (WEEC)

Indigo workshop Saturday 29 October 1-3 pm Yackandandah Community Garden

Federation workshop Saturday 5 November 1-3 pm Corowa Community Garden

Towong workshop Saturday 26 November 10-12pm Corryong College Stephanie Alexander Garden

Go Wild in the Garden is a partnership project between Murray Arts, Inspiring Australia NSW, Halve Waste (Reduce Reuse Recycle)  and Wild Pollinator Count with support from the Sustainable Activity Centre (SAC), local Community Gardens, Albury Botanic Garden and the Stephanie Alexander Garden in Corryong.

Image credit: Joanne Diver

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