'From the ground UP' Science week 15-23 August 2015

From the Ground Up explores cutting edge science, with a strong environmental art creating and making connection. 'From the ground UP' is an initiative of Murray Arts in partnership with Inspiring Australia NSW and Arts NSW. 

During Science Week, 15 - 23 August 2015, a group of approximately 16 artistically inspired and technology minded individuals visited the Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre (WEEC) in Burrumbuttock NSW. They participated in a guided talk by volunteers looking at Australian native plants. WEEC volunteers then described the many health benefits of native plants and how they contribute to the well-being of our environment.

After gathering inspiration from the garden at WEEC, participants created artworks on a small-scale, producing fine drawings of Australian native plants with artists Wendy Wiltshire and Christine Cansfield-Smith, both experienced artists in fine, Botanical drawing. These small-scale drawings were transformed into two-dimensional working designs.

During a second workshop participants scanned their designs and then printed 3D models with 3DThings specialist Joel Hackett. The process of modelling applications using 3D printer technology was explained.

The Science in this project worked on two levels: environmental and technological. Artwork designs and/or printed wearable artworks will tour around the region to with Cargo-Art in Transit, along with accompanying documentary film 'From the ground UP' 


Link to the National Science Week website