Diella Wade explored many options around how her career might develop as a dancer, from choreography to teaching, but for now she is focusing on dancing! After receiving a Young Regional Artist Scholarship, through Arts NSW, Diella Wade is about to embark on an incredible journey, dancing internationally in Wales and London.

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Vegemite or Honey?
Honey, Vegemite is great but honey never gets old. A little bit of salty and a lot of sweet is good.
Sunset or Sunrise?
Sunset, it's much more colourful. I love that no matter how the day went God always ends it beautifully.
Melbourne or Sydney?
Sydney for its beautiful bush. Sydney for its lovely weather. Sydney its architecture. I grew up as a young kid in Melbourne so Sydney seems more exciting just because of that. Melbourne does have less traffic though, so that's a plus.

Local Inspiration
I think the thing that will always inspire me wherever I go is the people. My friends and family are always supportive of me and inspire me by the way they live every day. I have loved training at Projection Dance, in Wodonga, with teachers and fellow students alike who push themselves everyday, everyone there inspires me to keep putting my best in every day. Projection Dance has also provided me with many opportunities to meet, watch and receive instruction from world class dancers right here in the Albury/Wodonga region, hearing each of their different stories always inspires me to believe in my own path. The most inspiring thing is the people who are giving to others through their art, arts should always be to glorify God and to help people, so when artists are caring for each other and striving to share a message they truly believe will help people (even if it is just to give them a laugh or a good night out), that's inspiring.

Global Experience
Throughout my training I have been offered internships and mentorships with leading dance artists and companies in the dance industry through Tim Podesta's networks with artists around the world. Podesta is an internationally renowned choreographer and artistic director of Tim Podesta + Projection Dance, based right here in Wodonga. In 2016 I received a Young Regional Artist Scholarship, through Arts NSW, which is going to fund some incredible opportunities for me in the U.K. this year.
My first stop is Newport, Wales, where I will be taking up an internship with Ballet Cymru for a couple of weeks. I will be joining their daily classes and rehearsals, which will be invaluable experience of what it's like to be a professional dancer.

Next I will be in London taking up a mentorship with Tim Podesta and Mara Galeazzi (guest principal artist with the Royal Ballet) whilst they are collaborating with Covent Garden Dance Company to present a new work by Podesta. Having had the privilege of working with Podesta for many years now and with Galeazzi multiple times recently I am really looking forward to being mentored by them and seeing them work together in a major dance hub such as London.
The dance scene is very prominent in the U.K. so whilst I'm there I will also have plenty of opportunities to take classes with different companies, attend workshops run by leading dance artists as well as great access to theatres, so lots of dance performances to watch and get inspired by. With all these exciting things happening I've decided to start a blog to share my experiences, it will be up and running soon! Follow Diella Wade's blog at dddances.com

The Working Life
My three top tips for someone dreaming of a career in the arts are

• Get serious, look into the career path, find out what your first step is and do it as soon as you can. It won't happen until you do.

• Always remember why you do what you do.

• Do not be afraid!! Always put your very best into your art, put in the hard work, whatever that looks like in your artform and don't let fear control you!!

My dream project
What I love about dance is how you can share a story or a message or an emotion with your audience and you do it by putting some of yourself into your dancing. Dance can be used to communicate things too deep for words. My dream is to be able to dance like that and work with choreographers who really think about their work and the message they want to give through it.

I have so many ideas about how my career might develop, perhaps I'll get right into choreography myself and maybe I'll teach later on, I've already had a go at both those things...but for now I'm focusing on dancing!

Image credit: Diella Wade