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'For us, a coffee shop is the ideal creative space. It's unique mix of elements offers up the ideal balance of stimulation and comfort.'

The relaxed nature of coffee shops break barriers and attracts a wide variety of patrons. This electric mix of energy and skills leads to great idea generation. There's something about being out in the world, taking in the sights, the smells and the sounds that gets the creative juices flowing and makes working all the more enjoyable. And of course there's the caffeine!

It's for this reason we've built upon the essence of coffee shops to create Brisbane's unique combination of a coffee shop and workspace.
We offer food & drink, studio spaces, meeting rooms, power, WIFI and drop in desks by day and host events by night. We keep the cafe stocked with books and magazines covering topics such as design, business, arts, architecture and fiction. This unique mix of elements is structured to enable creativity, productivity, community and happy work habits.

We really want to help our customers become successful in their businesses or pursue their goals, so we work very hard to support them through resources, exposure, information and friendly chats to help clear their head. It's amazing how much this helps. We believe that friendly and usable public spaces help create meaningful social and professional relationships. This in turn, triggers positive effects in work outcomes and overall well being.

Sole traders, freelancers, companies and individuals seeking to work (or take a break from) a traditional space can hire desks and boardroom space at The Rabbit Hole while enjoying the benefits of having a coffee shop surround them.

The Rabbit Hole welcomes the sharing of ideas, the gathering of friends, and the inspiration that comes from the world around us.


My inspiration comes from hearing peoples' stories and seeing their eyes light up when they're really excited about what they do (or are about to do). For me this type of energy is contagious and inspiring. I'm driven by people who are passionate about what they do and why they do it, their energy inspires me to get stuck into my own goals. I'm very fortunate to have met people through the cafe who have changed my life in terms of their ability to inspire me to push further and go after what I've always wanted.

Global Experience...How do you manage your creative business in the wake of our global community? Social media?

We didn't have money for conventional advertising models when we opened and relied heavily on facebook to get our message out. We grew an audience quickly but I believe it's because of what we did in person that translated to online connections and likes. We hosted events almost every few weeks for the first year of our shop and built a connection of real people who then became translated to digital followers, which then allowed us to attract followers internationally.

The global community has become much more accessible through social media platforms and digital media such as blogs. It's great to be able to see what's happening all over the world in your industry, and equally get your message out to 'more people' but we must be careful to not get overwhelmed.

We have so much information, inspiration and stories that are zapped into our monitors by the minute that it becomes difficult to sit and formulate our own ideas or tap into our own imaginations. No matter what creative industry you work in, there's now thousands of pieces of work being showcased online and I believe this can become daunting and cripple some people from starting themselves or figuring out their own creative outcome.

It's for this reason we highly encourage getting away from the computer and going into the world to take in sights, get some air and let your own mind connect the dots.

It's incredible how we can connect online these days, and we are exploring a digital platform to accompany our shop. We've had great support from people all over the world which is incredible - but we also do focus a great deal on the people we see every day and the people within our communities locally to even out the experience of how we connect.

We think you need to meet people in person and enjoy real experiences to help balance the online ones.

The Working Life
What are you working on at the moment? What is your dream project?

At the moment the shop is temporarily shut due to redevelopments to our building (ie it's getting knocked down). While shut I went to business school to get my head around some basics of running a business. The more I spoke with my customers the more I realised that although they were some of the highest level of creatives in Brisbane and were producing incredible work and products they really weren't on top of their businesses. They didn't know how much to charge, how to navigate contracts or partnerships, how to structure themselves for taxes and it was frustrating to watch all their creativity become crippled by lack of finances. I realised quickly that the next thing we'd like the Rabbit Hole to provide is workshops and services tailored around getting the business of creatives on a better level. We want people to succeed. We want to make business understanding more accessible to creatives (and vice versa). We see how important it is to balance both sides.

This has become a dream project. We want to start a blog, open a studio that offers consulting on creative business and run tailored workshops that will help creatives flourish on a professional level. Of course we will open the cafe again as well, but we're using this gap to learn as much as possible, build a new facet to our business and basically keep active and grow. Who knows what will come of it.

Image credit: Dahlia Ishak The Rabbit Hole