A Murray Experience: What do you love most about living and working in the Murray region?

The Murray region has a great community of makers and tinkerers that have allowed me to develop my skills and produce the light clock. I've had help from many people with 3D printing, programming and electronics. You can find us on facebook at Make Albury Wodonga. The slower pace of living here also gives me plenty of time to work on my art and tinker until I'm happy with it.

Inspiration: What inspires you most about working in the creative industries?

I've always had a passion for time and time-pieces. I collect watches and have built several clocks as kits. I've always wanted to build something that was truly my own, and also wanted to learn how to program micro-electronics. These two hobbies came together to form The Light Clock, which was initially intended as a gift for my Opa (grandfather), but due to so much interest from my friends, I decided to take it to Kickstarter. We sold 150 clocks in the 1 month campaign, and continue to sell them through our website www.thelightclock.com We're planning the launch of a second version of the Light Clock some time in June/July this year.

Global Experience: How do you manage your creative business in the wake of our global community?

The Global community has been a huge asset to me and my design. I've been able to collaborate through open-source software with programmers from around the globe, to build and develop ideas. It's also allowed me to sell into over 20 countries through Kickstarter and our website. I think a lot of art-pieces have a very niche audience, the internet helps me to find that audience, wherever in the world they may be.

The Working Life:

What are you working on at the moment? We're starting to work on our next Kickstarter project, which hasn't been revealed yet but should allow more people to own light clocks at a lower price. Look out for it on Kickstarter in July.

What would be your dream project? My dream project would be to build a GIANT version of the Light Clock. I've done some research on how this could be done, there are some technical challenges but I'd love to work through them. I have visions of a giant Light Clock hanging in The Cube Wodonga!

What are your top tips for someone thinking of a career in the arts? At the moment I have my career in the arts as a hobby, so it's difficult for me to give advice. What I have found is that putting yourself out there as much as possible can lead you to connections you'd never think about. I had a lot of Skype calls with a man from Canada who gave great advice on how to develop The Light Clock. We never ended up getting a partnership, but his advice was invaluable. Of course you reach out to a lot of people that turn out to be dead-ends but don't let that discourage you!

photo credit: Chris Carter & Light Clock co-founder Joe Craddy