The dark spaces explored in Aboriginal storytelling are created by charcoal dust – on paper, charcoal can be as dark as the night sky. The white spaces of the stars can be brought back to life, by rubbing back and returning to the white paper itself. There is a synergy between charcoal drawing and the two different ways of looking at the night sky.

Artist Zhen Chew worked with participants to create a charcoal drawn animatiosn through the use of time-lapse photography. The new stories are an interpretation of the Aboriginal stories told, based on their experiences and understanding of the stars.

The  individual stories were woven together with images by Astrolandscape photographer Gregg Gibbs to create a short film.

This project builds on the successful 'Charcoal Night' project run in 2013– a partnership between Murray Arts, the Albury Wodonga Astronomical Society and Albury Wodonga Community College. In that project, we realised the powerful combination of the arts and science and its ability to engage with young people who were previously disinterested in both. 'Stardust' builds on this success and provides an opportunity to engage with more people across the region, resulting in a short film documentary of the overall experience.

Image credit: Gregg Gibbs 'Beam Me Up' Landscape Astrophotography