Over the years Belinda Fraser travelled to various locations around Australia, but has yet to come across an area as diverse and scenic as North East Victoria. Belinda Fraser's designs are hand-printed and painted onto natural fibres and can be found in shops Australia wide. Keen to share her skills and techniques, she facilitates tailor-made workshops from the rustic shed on her idyllic North East Victorian property. www.belindafraserdesign.com.au 

What inspires you most about living and practicing as an artist in this region?

Over the years I have travelled to various locations around Australia and have yet to come across an area that is as diverse and scenic as the North East of Victoria. We have so much to offer here, from water sports to ski resorts, wineries and gourmet food regions. Historical towns, galleries, rivers, rail trails etc., the list is endless and the inspiration is everywhere.

I grew up in this area and although I have lived away for various stints, I am quite content calling this region home.

Does our Murray region find itself in your Art?

All my designs are hand printed and hand painted on natural fibres. The hand painted designs are rather bright and depict fruits and flowers. My screen printed designs that I am currently producing feature local town names. They are tram roll style designs. Some are commissioned and others I have in stock that I sell to shops Australia wide and through my website www.belindafraserdesign.com.au People are very excited to see their home town in print and they make great gifts for people to send overseas but also take on a more sophisticated art form when framed professionally. I intend on expanding this range to not only include town names but also various topics that relate to Australia.


What are you working on currently?

I am currently working on promoting the classes that I run in my shed. We have recently renovated a small cottage that is perfect for people who would like to come and stay and do a one or two day class. These classes are perfect for girls' getaways, also students or anyone interested in a creative country experience. The classes are more for beginners and I offer lots of guidance along the way.

What themes do you explore in your Art?

I love designing the tram roll style which promote our rural towns. Also designs that may incorporate historical information such as the Ship names that the migrants arrived on that are stocked at Bonegilla Migrant Experience. My Lyrebird design has proven to be very popular and I am looking to extending the theme of native flora and fauna and having the designs printed on meterage for soft furnishing and gift items. I also like to hand paint, one off pieces to cover interesting second hand furniture pieces.

What is your dream project?

My dream project would be to travel around Australia with a really good camera. Talk to the locals of the small country towns to get historical information and photograph images that are quintessentially Australian and transform them into textile designs. These designs would then ideally be made into gift items to be sold Nationally and Internationally. I feel that we are far too influenced by International designers and we really need to show the world that we have our own identity and produce designs that specifically relate to this beautiful country that we live in.