Andrew Pearce is an art photographer and filmmaker from rural Australia. He's been taking photographs and filming since the age of 10 on his family farm in the Kiewa Valley.

In 2010, he studied at Sydney Film School, where he went on to follow his passion for music and make music videos for bands including Duran Duran, The Temper Trap and Eskimo Joe. The following year, Andrew was fortunate enough to be nominated for Best Pop Video at the MVA's in London.

What inspires you most about the Murray region?

I've lived in the Kiewa Valley all my life, and its landscape has been the backdrop to my film and photography work. This landscape has always been an on-going inspiration for me, I'm still uncovering new hidden lanes, valleys and little country towns in our region, which are constantly inspiring new ideas and featuring in my work.

What themes do you explore in your film & photography?

My work is always driven by narrative, I like using cinematic qualities to tell or suggest stories. I use weather as an aesthetic tool for creating mood in my work, such as fog, rain, storms and sunshine.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm currently working on a project called Backyard Bonanza with the Albury Art Museum. We're working with three brilliant local musicians, who are having their music recorded, followed by a music video made by myself. The music videos will be exhibited at the new Albury Art Museum later in the year. (Stay tuned as Murray Arts will be following up on the three musicians and featuring some information about them up on our website!)

What would be your dream project?

I love weaving visuals with music, so understandably I'm in the appropriate field doing music videos. I would love to work with artists such as Lana Del Rey, Active Child and Florence and the Machine, they have beautiful cinematic styles which I'd love to bring to life visually.





photo credit: Andrew Pearce