acrobat │ Jo Lancaster & Simon Yates

Local Flavour...
What inspires you most about living in the Murray Region?

At the moment, the days are extremely hot and enjoy having to go for a swim in the river to cool off.

A Murray Experience...
Does our region find itself into your arts practice? If so, How?

We have a less expensive lifestyle in which to do our art than if we were in the city. It gives us the freedom to create without needing to find other financial sources. It is a peaceful and beautiful place. That said, sometimes the more negative sides of living in a country town finds itself mirrored in our shows. For example, in the bike routine we made in Propaganda (our previous show), we did our graceful act of bike tricks while a remote control car with a loudspeaker on top, wheeled around yelling the abuses at us that we hear when we commute on our bikes in this town.

The Art Life....
What are you working on at the moment?

We are in the process of putting on our new show, It's Not For Everyone.

What themes do you explore in your work?

The show is quite abstract. It is more about a transformation than any given theme. Along the way events happen, we reveal new things about ourselves, there is a gradual change.

What is your dream project?

We're living it right now.

It's Not For Everyone will premiere at the Butter Factory Theatre, 19-29 March 2015. For tickets and more information contact HotHouse Theatre.